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A corporation under the law is an 'entity' and an 'individual'. It is a fictional person, a legal person, or a moral person (as opposed to a natural person). A corporation enjoys most of the rights and obligations of individual persons, such as the ability to own property, sign binding contracts, pay taxes, have certain constitutional rights, and otherwise participate in society. It can be sued, can enter contracts, and is responsible for its actions.

Corporations being huge and with many facets, there is always the danger of coming across legal pitfalls. Knowingly or unknowingly, one may get entangled in an unnecessary legal imbroglio. Legal outsourcing experts make you aware of the pitfalls, the right paths and help you to plan at all levels in order to save loss of time, money and effort. PK Chopra has a team of legal experts who make it their business to know your business. To make you aware and beware of the problems or burdens one might face
PK Chopra specializes in corporate law. The corporate lawyer is involved right from the inception of the firm. When a new company has to be bought, transferred or merged the legalities are vast. Even at that time there are a multiplicity of rules to be followed and regulations to be complied with. It is not possible for the corporations to keep track of changing laws and their implications. We are with you from the beginning.
PK Chopra with its team of corporate lawyers is responsible for bringing companies into being. The corporate lawyers help in framing the structure of the stock and bond offerings. They approach and arrange the bank and insurance loans to arrange the capital for the enterprise. They are invaluable when it comes to clinching joint ventures, licensing arrangements, mergers, acquisitions, and the various other transactions carried out by the corporation.
Whether it is setting up companies limited by shares and advising on buying and selling businesses or advise on amendments and implications of memoranda of association and articles of association; shareholders agreements and directors' and trustees' responsibilities the trusty team is there to guide you through.
Corporate law includes business formations, securities law, venture capital financing, business agreements, internal forms, and business tax consultation. We help you to go through this with minimum hurdles.
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