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Today, majority of the companies around the world are owned by families and operated by family members. A family business provides unconditional loyalty, trust, strong family values but at the same time the disputes when they arise are bitter and often rigid.

We at PK Chopra have been associated with business houses, big and small and in being a part of the solution. Professional consultants can be objective and see beyond the personal interests and cater to the larger good. In case of starting a family business or ironing out disputes, we first collect the feedback of each family member and then, chalk out a viable plan of action. Understanding the family values is very important as all members strictly comply with these values.
P K Chopra steps in and helps to:
  • Analyze management and succession needs
  • Suggest leadership changes
  • Find loopholes in the business
  • Suggest appropriate compensation
  • Develop business strategies to ease the problem
  • Suggest the loopholes between shareholders and company. Communication
Franchising Services
In order to gain maximum benefits, companies around the world have started working on a new concept called franchise development. According to this concept, the parental company allows other companies to use its name for selling products and services. The company selling products and services is bound to follow the guidelines of the parental company.
The service, which enables both parental and complying companies in completing the legal formalities, is called franchise service. The franchise service is offered for two processes:
  • New franchise development
  • For existing franchise
Selling and buying a franchise is a very complicated task and it includes numerous formalities. Professionals are essential to ensure the legalities of the transaction. PK Chopra helps you to complete the following formalities:
  • Solicitation process
  • Trademark registration
  • Assistance in preparing operational manuals
  • Conduct necessary feasibility and naming studies
  • Completion of all pre offering formalities
We at PK Chopra have been assisting companies interested in selling and buying franchises. We hold extensive experience and are backed by our team that constitutes lawyers, solicitors, charted accountant and legal advisors. We have a very big base of clients who have benefited from our franchise service.
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