India Branch Office Management

India Branch Office Management

Foreign companies interested in conducting trading and business activities in India are allowed to set up branch offices across India. For setting up these branch offices in India, a prior permission and approval needs to be obtained from the RBI(Reserve Bank of India). They also need to be registered with the Registrar of Companies These branch offices also need to operate within the purview of a number of rules and regulations laid down by the RBI.

It is not easy to understand the comprehensive set of rules and regulations with the tedious process of getting the approval from the government for setting up business in India. Good understanding of the tax laws and legal formalities with industry specific rules and regulations is essential. Here the role of professional experts becomes very crucial in simplifying the whole process of setting up a branch office in India.

PK Chopra offers professional advisory services to the clients through a team of expert professionals with rich experience in industry specific sectors who offer financial advisory services, legal services , project planning, mangement consulting services among others.

Assist in strategy planning for entry into India -Advising on legal regulations for securing RBI's approval on setting up a liason office in India -Advising clients on complex legal matters and industrial regulations. -Appointing business representatives in charge of marketing and sales promotion efforts for business expansion in India.z

PK Chopra is a group of professionals who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of office management.. We have worked closely with individuals and corporates overseas by helping them in setting and manage liason offices in India. Our expertise includes advising on India entry strategies to corporates by assisting them with the complicated legal procedures involved in setting up a liason office in India.

PK Chopra also offers specialzed services to its clients in the following areas:

  • Advisory services to the clients: Our team of professionals with their rich expertise advises the foreign clients about property related matters, industrial laws and regulations, procedures related to setting up branch offices across India.
  • Indepth market analysis : For starting any business operations in India, it is very essential to understand the prevailing market conditions for future business growth. PK Chopra has the proven expertise in providing market feasibility studies to it's clients which helps them in making sound financial decisions.
  • Assistance to foreign firms: It provides assistance to foreign firms by providing suitable entry related strategies for conducting business in India. It also helps in securing the necessary government approvals for setting up operations across India. Thus it provides an end-end solutions to the foreign firms.

PK Chopra has been associated with India Entry services and industry related consultancy for decades.Their experience and expertise along with their team of professionals is an asset to any company who wishes to venture into business in India .

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