India Liason office management

India Liason office management

Foreign companies planning to set up their business operations in India need to start a liason office. The main purpose of starting a liason office is to explore possible business opportunities in India by gathering relevant business information . This helps the companies to develop a business strategy to tap the existing business potential in India. A liason office also acts as a marketing channel to provide business information about the parent company and their products to the prospective clientele in India.

The procedure required to start a liason office in India requires adhering to a lot of legal formalities with obtaining prior permission from the RBI(Reserve Bank of India) and other guidelines to be followed. All these legal procedures involve understanding of complex legal laws and industrial regulations which is difficult for amateurs to understand. Hence it requires the assistance of expert professionals who are proficient in their fields to give the right guidance and advise required to set up a liason office in India.

PK Chopra has industry professionals with proven experience who can assist you with their expertise in understanding all the complex legal procedures in setting up a liason office in India. It offers a wide range of services for setting up a liason office in India which are as follows:

Assist in strategy planning for entry into India -Advising on legal regulations for securing RBI's approval on setting up a liason office in India -Advising clients on complex legal matters and industrial regulations. -Appointing business representatives in charge of marketing and sales promotion efforts for business expansion in India.

PK Chopra is a group of professionals who have extensive knowledge and expertise in the area of office management.. We have worked closely with individuals and corporates overseas by helping them in setting and manage liason offices in India. Our expertise includes advising on India entry strategies to corporates by assisting them with the complicated legal procedures involved in setting up a liason office in India.

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