Global Corporate Tax

Global Corporate Tax

With business houses going global and multinationals making it big, the effect of taxes, and legislative and regulatory developments is becoming of greater importance. The governments and tax authorities are becoming more stringent and tightening the tax rules globally.

In order to survive in global business it is essential to understand the implications of these changes on business transactions, especially when it comes to business between two countries whose systems and regulations vary, and at the same time to comply with the international tax laws.

It is essential to understand ITS (International tax structuring) in order to minimize the global tax burden. The knowledge of repatriation of profits, cross border tax financing, income tax treaties etc helps to understand and apprehend tax implications across the globe. With the cross border activity increasing, the demand for personnel to deal with these issues is also increasing.

PK Chopra provides consultation and documentation for all tax-related problems in a business. The entrepreneur can relax and be confident that a competent authority is handling the matters right from filing the returns to reviewing and evaluating. It helps to design customized packages to comply with global tax requirements, provide statutory accounting and reporting services even under the sometimes constraining resource situations.

We at PK Chopra believe that fore-warned is fore-armed. We need to not only solve problems as and when they arise but also to help detect planning opportunities and to utilize them for a better financial output. We need to identify global goals and needs and plan strategies and fix tax rates accordingly.

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