Information Systems Audit

Information Systems/Information Technology Audit

Information Technology has potential business risks that need to be identified and monitored on a regular basis. Changing technology, rising business threats with new business processes have been introduced into the system which pose a serious challenge to the companies to continuously innovate and keep themselves abreast of the new technologies and skills by complying to the legal and regulatory framework. This becomes a huge deterrent when companies lack the required technical expertise, skilled manpower and time required for ensuring a safe and effective IT audit process.

Thus professional experts who provide Information systems/ Information Technology audit services act as a catalyst in providing the most cost-effective and reliable solutions for the organization. PK Chopra has a rich expertise in the area of providing information systems audit service to many companies by helping them implement flexible and efficient solutions in a quick and timely manner for maximizing the business potential.

PK Chopra has been providing a range of services in the area of information systems Audit which are as follows:

  • Information security services:Protection of crucial business information and its security is the top most priority for any organization. PK Chopra understands this need and seek to provide safe and optimized solutions to its clients. Our technical experts help companies by providing analysis of the security system and the internal processes that helps the clients in understanding the possible risk of system vulnerability of losing valuable information data.
  • E-mail protection: E-mail has become the most common way of business communication in a majority of organizations. However, the information transfer through e-mail messages needs to be carefully monitored to prevent loss of confidential business information, spam, virus attacks, and breach of security among others. P.K Chopra assists its clients by providing efficient e-mail monitoring systems, which controls all the information flow and monitors them by minimizing the risks associated with information sharing through web resources.
  • Quality standards: PK Chopra assists the clients by ensuring the best global practices required for IT audit process. To ensure better transparency in business operations, we implement high quality standards for all the business processes by creating a common framework complying with all the legal and regulatory aspects to ensure a safe, reliable, integrated solution for IT investment optimization
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