Corporate Services

Corporate Services

There has been a significant shift in attitudes, approaches and challenges in the corporate world. The many facets of corporate governance, compliance and business ethics has made specialization the by word in business today. No single individual can cater to the needs of a corporation as increasingly demanding performance expectations, stakeholder demands and growing public transparency is expected. In this highly competitive atmosphere this function is taken over by professional services providers.

At PK Chopra we realize that corporate services are largely related to corporate governance and they include a wide spectrum of functions.

Corporate governance is one of the main functions of any company or corporation. It is a vast field and requires expertise as it covers all areas from processes, policies, laws and institution to the way a corporation is administered, directed, managed and controlled.

The legal aspect of the corporate governance cannot be ignored. There are a lot of implications when a company has to be bought, sold, transferred or merged. There are a large number of business agreements, internal forms etc which need to be formed and filled. PK Chopra relieves you of the time consuming and complicated procedure. You can rest assured that the task will be completed efficiently and properly.

Evaluation and review of functioning and policies is essential. It has to be done objectively. There should be no conflict of interests and total honesty is called for PK Chopra provides corporate services customized to serve your needs and also to share your vision and to broaden it

It is ensured that there is no conflict of interests, total comprehension of costs of compliance, positive impact of cost escalation on investments and timely information with total transparency. There is a focus on transparency, as well as on the increased need to provide accurate and periodic reporting of issues/events and certifications.

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