Fraud Investigations Services in India

Fraud Investigations and Dispute Services

Professional fraud investigation servicescan be of immense value in helping solve complex issues arising out of trade disagreements or disputes on account of breach of company contracts. The professionals can provide result oriented solutions in an easy and simple manner leading to settlement with an independent analysis on complicated legal issues to resolve fraudulent matters.

PK Chopra provides suitable assistance to companies by taking up issues related to fraud related cases. The company makes a thorough analysis of the whole matter with detailed investigation and yet maintaining complete confidentiality for the client’s protection. Constant monitoring and regular follow-up helps in reviewing the matter that helps in taking future fraud prevention steps for the company.

PK Chopra also offers fraud investigations and dispute services in the following areas:

  • Contractual disputes:We offer assistance to the companies with our expertise in legal matters and advise in case of companies breach of contract involving either financial dispute, commercial dispute, trade disagreements. We also help in identifying the extent of damage caused to the company by helping them in making necessary adjustments to prevent further damages or financial loss.
  • Shareholder disputes:Shareholder disagreements leading to fallout in business and separation can greatly hamper the future prospects of the company amounting to huge loss of revenue, production loss and other important business concerns. PK Chopra helps its clients in business matters among shareholders of companies which include a detailed investigation into the trading aspect involving financial and accounting transactions of both the parties. The company also offers assistance in calculating the business losses due to misappropriation of funds arising by way of thefts and analysis of important financial documents. This helps the companies evaluate the damage caused to the business with suitable evidence reports submitted by our company.
  • Litigation services: PK Chopra:offers expert litigation services to its clients in cases of fraud occurring due to improper conduct of fiduciary responsibilities. Many a times, the owner of the business assigns core responsibilities to be taken care of by a business partner, family friend or a relative whom he relies on. But if this is misused by the other party resulting in a financial loss to the business, it amounts to a fraud. PK Chopra helps the clients in litigation matters related to fraud.
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