India Entry services

India Entry services

India is one of the most preferred destinations for conducting business operations today. The key drivers of business growth in India includes the huge investment potential, lower operating costs, skilled workforce, emerging markets with tremendous business opportunities that is available to foreign investors. These positive indicators have attracted many foreign corporations to set up their business operations in India.

Starting any business operations in India is not an easy task as it requires getting into the nitty-gritties of legal matters, understanding the comprehensive system of laws in India along with a whole lot of complicated documentation. The foreign companies who wish to start operations in India need necessary permissions and approvals from the Indian Government. Apart from this the tax procedures in India are also quite complicated and cumbersome. It requires the assistance of professionals with the experience to resolve these complexities and smoothen the way for setting up operations in India

PK Chopra is committed to assisting it's clients in providing effective solutions to ensure an efficient and effortless entry for foreign companies to start operations in India. The company offers specialized services in the following areas:

  • India Liason office management: We have a rich expertise in providing services related to starting a Liason office in India ranging from advising on strategy planning for entry into India, getting necessary government approvals, assisting in legal matters and industrial regulations, business development among others.
  • India Branch office management : Our team of professionals have a rich expertise to deal with the foreign clients and offer them expert assistance for a branch office set up in India. Project planning, market feasibility studies, tax laws, industrial rules and regulations, property matters are some of the specialized areas that we deal with.
  • India Subsidiary office: Our professional experts from industry specific sectors provide their expert guidance and advise in setting up a subsidiary office in India. Our range of services include finding suitable location for the project, effective tax planning, resolving issues related to corporate governance, negotiating for joint ventures with Indian partners among others.
  • Incubational services : We also provide incubational services for assisting new companies to set up their operations by generating new business strategies, concept planning and testing, identifying possible growth opportunities, conduct financial and risk analysis for our customers.

PK Chopra we study the clients needs and ensure that the appropriate platform is provided and the venture into India is a successful and a fruitful one.

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