India Subsidiary Management

India Subsidiary Management

India has been attracting a lot of global attention these days from top foreign companies looking out for setting up their base in India. Most of these foreign companies operate as subsidiary companies in India. These companies are either wholly owned subsidiaries or they operate in conjunction with the Indian firms as a joint venture. According to the FDI policy, foreign firms operating as wholly owned subsidiaries are given 100% FDI for certain sectors only.

Setting up a wholly owned subsidiary in India is a lengthy and cumbersome process involving registration, understanding of legal formalities, awareness of tax implications, funding procedures and getting necessary government approvals. Expert professional services are needed to carry out all these procedures which can assist in providing an effective solution for a smoother process of setting up a subsidiary base in India.

PK Chopra offers specialized services for assisting individual and foreign corporates in setting up their subsidiary base in India. The company provides effective solutions regarding issues related to project feasibility, tax , negotiation for joint ventures, marketing , accounting mattersand issues regarding corporate governance among others.

It provides a comprehensive range of services in the following areas:-

  • Location Feasibility : Feasibility studies help in understanding the best possible location for starting operations in India to secure greater location based tax benefits.The company provides assistance regarding finding a proper location for starting operations in India by matching the exact business requirements with the location on the basis of feasibility studies conducted by our technical experts.
  • Securing necessary government approvals : Getting necessary government approvals on time is essential for setting up operations in India. PK Chopra offers assistance by getting the required clearance and approval from the government in an efficient and timely manner. The company also negotiates on behalf of the foreign clients with the government for securing greater financial benefit when huge foreign investment in involved.
  • Joint venture with Indian partners : Most of the foreign companies prefer working on Joint venture alliance with Indian partners. This is beneficial to the foreign companies as it gives them instant access to the Indian market owing to the established presence of the existing Indian companies. PK Chopra negotiates on behalf of the foreign company with Indian partners and assists them in establishing contact with Indian companies. The company also provides assistance by way of formulating business strategies for Joint venture alliances with Indian partners.
  • At PK Chopra we study the clients needs and ensure that the appropriate platform is provided and the venture into India is a successful and a fruitful one.

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