It is mandatory for an organization to hire professionals, experts and specialists for tax preparation and tax consulting. At PK Chopra, we assist you with

Why Outsource to PK Chopra?

  • Customized taxation services for smooth functioning and maximization of profits.
  • We believe in increasing the efficiency of your tax procedures and
  • Cutting down the cost of your organization thereby utilizing it in the needful and profit yielding areas.
  • Our taxation services add value to your business and increase its worth.

Our specialists and consultants have experience in tax procedures and reporting, handling tax compliance, workload and meeting taxation filing deadlines. When it comes to technology, we are well equipped and keep ourselves updated with the developments. We have widely accepted tax software which makes the taxation procedure more speedy and accurate. Customized software is also available for different customers as per their preferences and requirements.

PK Chopra provides specialized services to handle all tax related problems like

Transfer pricing Business in India is thriving today with the MNC's flocking here. The dynamics of business are changing rapidly. The inter group and intra group transactions are increasing. Transfers in business are the rule rather than the exception. Business houses have to acquiesce to the differing requirements of cross border transactions. The multiple taxes and their overlapping tax jurisdictions are confusing and cumbersome. PK Chopra with their consultants help you make the best deal in these transfers. They guide you through the maze of rules and also warn you and prepare you about the tax burdens in the future. We give you the entire gamut of services from time and attendance system, employees insurance deductions,W2 and W4 reporting and filing to direct deposit payments.

Expatriate employees' taxation in India More and more Indians are working abroad. While abroad they prefer to be on the foreign company's payrolls. At the same time they remain on the Indian companies rolls also. This dual payroll can cause multiple problems unless handled by experts. PK Chopra handles these expatriate problems with dexterity born of experience and knowledge. A thorough knowledge of exchange control regulations makes PK Chopra the most reliable consultancy to deal with expatriate taxation problems.

Offshore banking services More and more people prefer to bank in countries and jurisdictions other than their own. There are certain countries and jurisdictions which are considered low regulation, low taxation havens for off shore banking. These offshore banks are very attractive and popular as they provide complete confidentiality. These accounts have to be manipulated and managed according to the regulations of the country. PK Chopra handles theses delicate transactions for you so that taxes are minimized. Offshore management is done with dexterity and an eye on the possible benefits to the client.

Offshore investments services Offshore investments are becoming popular for various reasons. They help you to diversify portfolios and to minimize risks. This creates many complications because of the diverse rules followed by different countries. PK Chopra helps you by planning out the investment strategies which safe guard your investments and help them to grow. Constant vigilance and alertness to world wide rules and regulations equip PK Chopra with the know how to advise and address all issues

Our experts keep themselves updated with the international taxation laws for proficiency in their work. They also prepare individual income tax returns, non resident income tax return, income tax returns to exempt organizations, income tax returns for partnerships, estate and gift tax returns etc. We also prepare corporate and partnership income tax returns.

We realize that the data provided by our customers to us highly confidential and we take the responsibility of its security.

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