Fraud and Forensic Examination Services in India

Fraud and Forensic Examination

It becomes vital and necessary in the company’s interest to seek professional advice and help from fraud and forensic experts who can nip it in the bud. The professionals can take care of important matters pertaining to fraud cases through investigations and take necessary steps to prevent such inappropriate practices within the companies in the future.

PK Chopra has a panel of professionally certified and approved fraud and forensic experts who have been assisting companies with fraud detection and examination services by providing detailed investigation into such cases in a quick, responsive and timely manner. Our fraud and forensic services help the companies in taking suitable control measures with the help of foolproof system of security designed for companies to prevent such malpractices occurring in the future.

PK Chopra offers the following fraud and forensic examination services in the following areas:

  • Financial information review: The Company assists its clients by reviewing the financial statements of companies in identifying of inappropriate disclosure of financial information, omission of relevant data, submitting false information, incomplete filing of financial information which might result into fraud cases of financial statements. This helps in correcting any irregularities or frauds and helps prevent potential financial loss to the companies.
  • Insurance fraud: PK Chopra helps the clients in proper examination of insurance claims made by the claiming party and assess the extent of the damage caused to business operations. The company specializes in providing insurance fraud services that help clients calculate the actual production losses by monitoring the sales records with proper calculations to assess if the claims made by the claiming party are legitimate or were overstated for financial motives where the actual loss never occurred to the extent claimed.
  • Forensic services: PK Chopra also offers help to companies who have faced financial loss resulting in bankruptcy by assisting them in financial analysis of the present situation and providing suitable alternatives to solve the financial crisis of the company. The company also helps them explore potential sources for generating revenue, helping in issues related to financial insolvency and restructuring the business.
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