Financial Effectiveness and Budgeting

Financial Effectiveness and Budgeting

Finance today is not restricted to merely completing the balance sheet at the end of the day. The horizons have shifted and finance management means, formulating, analyzing, reviewing, and in fact foreseeing, recognizing opportunities and guiding too. It gives a strategic direction to corporate policies and even covers risk management.

Corporate services have become essential as they provide a professional perspective to industrial growth which leads to maximization of potential. It keeps one abreast of the latest requirements of accounting and reporting. The amount spent on these services is recovered in the form of additional revenue and cost effectiveness through better time and resource management.

PK Chopra provides corporate services which enhance performance at all levels by providing strategic and financial advisory services to the clients through every phase of their economic cycle, from assessment, identification to planning and implementation.

Assessment. This involves assessment of the existing system and its strengths and weaknesses. PK Chopra makes a thorough study of the existing process flows from a cost, quality, efficiency, and technology and control perspective. The effectiveness of the procedures and their viability with the professed goals of the organization is scrutinized. and an objective assessment is made.

Identification. We believe that it is important to identify the bottom line growth opportunities so that future planning can be done. This helps to identify the processes of standardization, to bring about improvement and to reengineer opportunities and redesign processes including incorporation of the most suitable practices. Only the keen and experienced eye of a Finance wizard can utilize these opportunities to expand and enhance the performance of the organization. This is done by focusing on people within the organization and the external structure.

Planning. This is the most important aspect of an organization. PK Chopra uses its budgeting and forecasting planning abilities to improve the effectiveness of the organization and to manage peak performance. These are important factors in financial management. Planners stress good governance, discipline and ethical practices.

Implementation. The effectiveness lies in ensuring complete implementation of the plans. The gap between conception and concretization has to be filled up. PK Chopra as professionals ensure that there is complete harmony and uniformity at every stage of the economic cycle.

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